Saturday, September 01, 2007

HUGE...I mean HUGE contest!!!!

OMG- you girls will flip when you see this prize package...

Bad Girls is having an enormous contest!!!

Check it out here!!!!

Yep school is in session!!! ;) Its going to be so much fun!!! And of course I get to be the principal/head mistress...can you say big ruler?? Yep, I'll be ready with my glasses on and big ruler ready to slap anyone on the hand if the get out of line...LOL

And of course Bad Girls Sept kit is up!! Its just soooo flippin gorgeous!!!! LIKE O-M-G!!!! ;)

Here are two of my layouts:

And this Wed- my new baby niece, Alyssa was born!!!! She is so tiny (I know 8.5lbs is not so tiny, but compared to my 36lbs 2 year-old baby boy- she is!) I am so excited to have a new baby in the family!!!! And my other niece Kayla (her big sis) is just so proud and beaming from ear to ear...hope it will last through all those sleepless nights...:P

Here's a random question...does anyone have any potty training advise?? Yeah, yeah, I know I have a 4 year-old I potty trained- but that was two years ago!.... and Caleb is KILLIN me with his desire NOT to be in diapers....

Here's the thing, he does NOT go peepee in the potty...nope- he just rips off his diaper and stands at the toilet, for umm...a whole 2 seconds and proclaims- DONE! then flushes the toilet before I can stop him. Then he puts his pull-up back on...but oh no! not right away! He proceeds to run around the house nakeeed bragging - I went peepee in the potteee!!! Yeah so not true, little not true!

Most of me thinks he is too young, I want to wait till he is exactly 2.5- he is just not very consistent and still wakes up with a soaked diaper!

Well that's the end of my rant...glad I can air this on the public web...yep nothin like those potty stories...

Oh- I made this cute little book for Jacob yesterday!!!
Piggy Tales came out with the cutest little "barndoors" at Summer CHA- and immediately I thought of the lift-the-flap books! It was super easy and best of all, Jacob just LOVES it!!! :D

And here is a total girlie mini-book (gosh I love making girlie stuff) for my BF- Holly! Using some fabulous Bad Girl goodies!!!! (Aug kit and add-on!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Just another Monday....

I love Mondays!!!! They are my Saturdays! :) Matt is off and we get to go and have fun-

Today we went to a birthday party, went out to dinner, and then to the park- not crazy fun- but hey tomorrow is our "Sunday"!!!!! :)

Here are some pics of last week- we went to a water park. Of course it was a random visit so the boys just had their regular shorts on. I thought the boys would be ecstatic to run through the water, but they barely got their feet wet! Very strange...very strange!!! :P

Here's a random pic of the boys at the beach a few weeks ago- just found it on my puter and loved how relaxed they look!!!

Can you tell how cold it is too?!!! Yep, SF beaches can be so cooooold even in the dead of summer!!! Oh and that is Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

I'm in a colorful mood lately- esp with these summer pics!!!

Oh and here is one I had to do- of us being the PARTY girls that we are!!! We just love going dancing!!! ;)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NEXT FRIDAY- Bad Girl Patrol!!!!

What is Bad Girl Patrol (BGP) you ask???

Well let me tell you... Wink

Every Friday will be known as BAD GIRL PATROL. If you get caught with your Bad Girl Blinkie on you will be sent a RAK!!!

You never know where the BAD GIRLS will be on PATROL!

If one of the BAD GIRL DESIGNERS catches you, you will be notified and sent a special RAK!

It can be a message board (of course only the ones that allow kit club blinkies!) Willow Traders, 2Peas,, Creating Keepsakes, ScrapJazz, etc- AND it can be on your blog!

Now HOW FUN does that sound?!!!!

Here are some blinkies:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'll be on the look out next Friday (8/17)!!!! Wink

Oh and I'll leave you with this-
Bad Girl slideshow

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, August 03, 2007


Oh man! Where did the time go?!!! I blinked and July flew by...I wish summer was 6 months long! :P

All the moms I know are looking forward to school starting, well...I'm NOT!!! You kiddin me?! Getting up at 7am and having to actually function?!!! thanks! :P

Too bad I have no choice- Jacob is really excited though, this will be his second year at preschool so he will be going 3 times a week, I guess I can handle it, huh? ;)

Just to make you girls drool (esp you Wendy!) and prove how girly I truely am, here is my latest purchase:
Cute, huh?!! ;)
Went shopping the other night with my girl Lisa- she bought some hot-looking-black-pointy-stilletto heels, and well I just had to get me the most girly pink shoes I could find! ;)

Here are some layouts using the FAB August Bad Girls kit:

Wendy really has a knack for putting some amazing kits together!! I opened my box and saw FIVE (yes I said five!) different paper manufactures!!!
Being the matchy matchy (Lisa's term) scrapper that I am, I can't say I wasn't severely in shock! I've never used so many different paper lines!!! But hey, Wendy pushed me out of my box- WAAAAY out!! I am left here cold and shivering but ready not to conform!!! Oh and being out of the box is kinda fun too.... :P

Here's a layout of my pregnant SIL using some fun Carolee's stuff:

Peace out chicas!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Whoa- posting twice in one month?!

Have I lost my mind?! :P

Nope...just sitting here on a lovely Saturday afternoon, all dolled up for a Girls' Night out...waiting for my hubby to get off work... :)

Its been a looooong week....Matt's been getting home late, so that means- SINGLE MOM!!! ;) I think most cop wives are SUM= Single-Unavailable-Moms (right?)


Jacob turned four last Sunday!!! Instead of breakfast---I made him 4 mini-cupcakes- I also decorated the whole family room with a h-bday banner and balloons!!

That sure made his day!!! And later on met Matt at Chucky Cheeses' for dinner...I haven't been to one of those in what a place!!! Of course germ-o-phobe me was chasing the kids with the purrell the whole time...LOL- hey in my defense, I kept seeing kids coughing and wiping their noses on their sleeves!!! YUCK!!! But I did survive my first Chucky Cheese experience with the boys...hopefully it will be awhile for my next one! ;)

We had a wonderful July 4th!! Of course it was 106deg!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would literally melt!!!! Thankfully our first BBQ was indoors...that's what I'm talkin about!!! ;)

After our second BBQ- we headed out to watch the fireworks- it was amazing!!! I don't know what it is about fireworks that gets to me...but it always does. I feel like a little girl again! Oh and the boys loved them wasn't all about mommy (at least this time...LOL)

Check this out girls!!!! Bad Girls kits is looking for designers!!! HUGE NEWS!!!! ;) Oh and I am accepting bribes (check out my registry at Target...)

Here's the link- Bad Girls design team call!!!

And another of my favorite places are ALSO doing a DT call!!! Piggy Tales!!! :)

Well that's all's hoping hubby gets home soon...this momma needs a night out BADLY!!!! ;)

oh and I thought I'd throw in a random layout... ;) Using Scrapbook Goddess yummy supplies!!

Which BTW I'm hosting their weekly challenges this month- quick and easy way to win a $10 GC to the store!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer days...

Lazy days??? Not so much over here!!! :P

I feel like a ping pong on most days, bouncing back and forth- swimming lessons, shopping, home, BBQs, and the list goes on and on and on and on... :P

Oh and celebrated FIVE years of marriage!!! Doesn't sound like a lot- which is fine cuz it means we are still in the Honeymoon period (I really like this period!) Here's a pic of me with my Hottie Cop!!! ;)

So the boys planted these sunflower seeds a few weeks ago and they've grown so fast! Both Caleb and Jacob wake up every morning excited to water their flowers!

Decorated these pots with cute Piggy Tales paper- the boys helped of course!

Oh and just if you ever wondered...if your troublemaker toddler sticks a paintbrush full of Mod Podge in his mouth, its NOT lethal.... (no names mentioned) LOL

HUGE news!!! My good friend's Wendy Rago's kit club debuted today!!!! Its called Bad Girls Kits and it is F-A-B-ulous!!!!!!! Not only is the site rockin, I got a chance to work with the kit and I gotta say its my favorite kit EVA'!!!! JAM-packed for sure!!! ;)

Here's some of my designs:

The cover of a mini book that I'm working on...all about SCRAPPING!!! Did you ever read the Shopaholic series (TOTALLY love BTW!)? Well this is a play on that- should be kinda funny to unleash all my scrapping confessions!!

Layout of one of my BF, Lisa . The title says it all...we are way too alike, and at CHA had an absolute blast! We did manage to get lost the WHOLE time there, it was like the blind leading the blind, I'm tellin' you!

Here's a recent layout of when my Caleb was an itty bitty baby! Used all Carolee's goodies!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I didn't bore you to tears... :P

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anyone here???

Its me the once a month-blogger... :P

Jenn has tagged me, so here goes nothin':

The rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Hmmm seven random facts...

1. I hate walking barefoot outside- grew up in San Francisco and we SO did not walk barefoot! :P

2. I love SUGAR- you know the skittles, jelly belly, sour candy type sugar...can't get enough...gotta have more...more sugar!!!

3. I can't take life seriously- I'm always joking around

4. I hate hate HATE cleaning the just never stays clean and I'm one messy cook

5. I still dress like I'm eighteen...still shop at Rampage, Forever 21, Express...someone please let me know when I should start shopping at Ann Taylor

6. I'm a total night to stay up past midnight

7. I have no patience sometimes, my kids suck out all the patience out of me!

I tag Lisa, Danielle, Chrys, Amy, Mara May, Karen, Michelle

Now getting personal...

I'm alive!!!! I got the good ol' flu a few weeks ago...UGHHHH - I thought I was on my death bed...even asked my hubby what he would do with my scrappy stuff if I died, and he immediately said he would toss it all!!!! OMG!!! He is totally crazy!!! So I made him promise me to divide it among my friends...did I mention I was just a tad delirious through my sickness? :P

Here's some random layouts done recently: